A slowly healing world faces the anniversary of the Rift Event. As June 2nd approaches, all of humanity wonders what will happen when the hour strikes again.


Everyone hopes for passage into a stable future, rather than face another potential global disaster.

The Pemberton family face another potential tragedy. Africa's latest war hero attempts to change the world for the better. And a mysterious secret is hidden in the remote woods of North America.

Tommie's seventh novel is the sequel to The Rift and

Beneath A Diminished Sun. It's the third and final book of The ReYear Series .


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Latest novel:



A writer tells his greatest story.


A self-centered photographer has a chance to be a hero.


Two roommates discover something new about their living arrangement.


A long-dead actor returns and doesn't understand why.


A mistreated slave yearns to be free.



Tommie's eighth book is a collection of ten short stories, some of which were previously published in the book For Four Players in 2011.



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Short Stories:

How brilliantly, cunningly bold of an author to include in the book’s description: “No one ever told her that some books were not meant to be read.” That alone, makes it a must-read.

Albert Berkshire, author of We Made A Pact, on Chair de ma Chair


Tommie Lee's storytelling does not disappoint! As each of the stories' end became apparent, I found myself wishing for more, only to find each ending perfect.

Shelley Morgan, on For Four Players


Let's say it felt like a futuristic, Dan Brown novel. Suspense, mystery, action, adventure, deceit...all great elements in a novel. And modest, unsuspecting heroes as well.

Amber Topp, on Mulligan


I should have known that an author that blindsided me in his freshman novel by dropping a guy down an Antarctic crevasse to die was going to sucker punch me again when I wasn't looking. Tommie Lee's The Rift is not only a terrific book showing his growth as a storyteller, but continues to illustrate his ongoing provocation to making me shout, "You did NOT just do that!"

Andrew Frame, on The Rift

My second novel is now also a serial podcast...

Chair de ma Chair was adapted into a podcast in 2018. It appeared as Season One of The Archive.


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