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RESET button. The shiny, candy-like button.

It was way past time for a new website design. So this is it.

An update on what's what on the virtual wipe board here at The Hill of Crowns. There are currently three projects open on the desktop.

The newest, PROJECT ULV, is getting the bulk of my attention while I wrestle with the last of the details I need for the story. It's falling together pretty fast in the research process, faster even than Moon Over Crater Bay did.

Meanwhile, PROJECT AMNESIA is hovering like a satellite waiting for upgrades. It's not urgent and isn't being treated as such. I'm still undecided as to the depth of that particular rabbit warren.

PROJECT PURPLE SKY is on hold until I hear from the potential collaborator, who has a busy wipe board of his own.

I am approaching the one-year anniversary of my exile to working from home, since we are unable to social distance in our newsroom at the radio stations. Today is the first anniversary of the first COVID-19 diagnosis declarations in both Michigan and Indiana.

My day consists of watching for news, writing that news, getting exercise, and letting out the little dog on the end of his leash so he can increase the ammonia levels of the front lawn by a tiny percent.

He's a cute little shit, our Brinxy.

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