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Journalism-like Activity

For a time, a few years back, the universe allowed me to knock something off my bucket list and work at a real newspaper, The Elkhart Truth. It was all part of an experiment called Truth Radio that ended all-too quickly. This was also back in the magical time where there were things called newspapers that thrived and stayed connected to their communities. Really. This was a thing.

Along the way, though, I learned more about how to approach my writing, and met some amazing people. It was truly an honor to get an education at their feet.

The paper was sold and gutted, like so many have been, and their entire archive vanished from the clot of tubes and wires and evil imps with blinky lights we call The Internet. However, I had (thankfully) set up a blog of my own with my writing from that time before that happened, and it be found...along with other older news writing...by clicking below.

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